USA has Resuscitated Frankenstein

ISIS is American Frankenstein.

After a decade of war in Iraq USA pieced together Frankenstein’s body parts sprinkled with bombs. It jerked into life, bathed in blood and trauma. Its heart is imbedded with darFrankensteink vengeance and war. It will go on killing as USA killed innocents. It tortures as did USA. It carries out conquest as did USA. It is building a state driven by hatred for USA occupation, a product of the death, horror and destruction. It is continually dancing around the word ‘revenge’. It has no borders. It is granting the franchise all over the world. It cannot be destroyed nor rid of the Earth.

Rise of ISIS is very new in the Middle East, not seen since 1948 with the creation of the state of Israel. The ISIS has used many of tactics used by the Jewish force to remove the British from Palestine to create Israel – foreign fighters, foreign money, terrorism and massive ethnic cleansing and like ISIS they hold out a vision of recreation of lands of Bible in Judea and Samaria. In case of ISIS, it is the seventh century caliphate that they are going to recreate. This is how Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi presents himself as the Caliphate. By creating this huge area under their control the cross border between Syria and Iraq they redrew the map of the Middle East.

ISIS not Al-Quada. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who took remnants of Al-Qaeda in Iraq went into Syria. What happened in Syria is very much what happened in Afghanistan in war with the Soviets. The Americans, Saudis and Qataris pumped-in money, arms and tremendous amount of resources without control. There was no infrastructure. ISIS is managed to collect tremendous amount of resources and weapons provided in an attempt to overthrow Assad regime. Same thing happened when USA decided to back forces that were attempted to overthrow Soviets in Afghanistan and USA funnelled money and resources through the Pakistani security agency ISI. Pakistan lives in mortal fear of India. Only strategic decision that Pakistan cared about was making sure that Kabul Government would be hostile to India. That was the reason they starved the group who were secular made sure all the weapons and support went to Al-Qaeda and Taliban.  In the same way USA fostered through inability to understand the dynamics on the ground that created of Al-Qaeda and hence ISIS. ISIS has now carved out of the same area as the size of Britain. That makes it radically different in many ways. Al-Qaeda was nihilistic organization in the sense it never saw to control territory in Middle East.

There should be justice not just for the west, but for the peoples of the Middle East who have suffered this past century from the theatre of dictatorships fostered by the West for them.

It is borderless world. The days when West could fight wars in foreign countries and be safe at home are gone. New York, Boston, Madrid, London, Paris, San Bernardino all tell us that.