Why ISIS beheads its captives?

ISIS Behaeding Captive 1New world order has become terror and violence. The proxy wars have become routine by the USA and its allies. Ceaseless bombing, indiscriminate killing by death squads, renditions, drone attacks, torture, assassinations and detention without trial are the sustenance of American wars. The USA routinely exercises brutal mechanism of control over the Middle Eastern and Latin American countries. The American propaganda machines dismiss these as isolated aberrations and the real fact hardly reached their public. If the American presidents are reluctant to carry out these atrocities they are branded as wimps.

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USA has Resuscitated Frankenstein

ISIS is American Frankenstein.

After a decade of war in Iraq USA pieced together Frankenstein’s body parts sprinkled with bombs. It jerked into life, bathed in blood and trauFrankensteinma. Its heart is imbedded with dark vengeance and war. It will go on killing as USA killed innocents. It tortures as did USA. It carries out conquest as did USA. It is building a state driven by hatred for USA occupation, a product of the death, horror and destruction. It is continually dancing around the word ‘revenge’. It has no borders. It is granting the franchise all over the world. It cannot be destroyed nor rid of the Earth.

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